"Sarah did a fantastic job with the centerpieces, the ceremony stage, and the cake at our wedding! I had a small budget and unspecific vision of what I wanted for the flowers. I basically asked for simple but elegant center pieces using seasonal flowers and something to jazz up the stage. What Sarah came up with was so beautifully unexpected! She had asked me questions, like favorite color, favorite flowers, least liked flowers, do I like sparkles, etc…and without me even knowing it, she used my vague ideas and combined them with all my favorite things to make our wedding look amazing! The stage was set with a dream of an archway! The archway was decorated with stunning purple flowers with the perfect amount of sparkle on top of a gorgeous Persian rug. My guests couldn’t stop complimenting the design, all of which came from Sarah. My cake was great before Sarah added some lovely red flowers, and then it became a focal point! I would recommend Sarah to anyone who wants a fabulous set up for any occasion. I think she works magic no matter how vague or specific you want to get with your own vision. She has so much experience and unique twists to offer in order to develop a display that will be admired! And she has ideas that extend well beyond floral displays. Two years later and my friends and family still tell me how beautiful the flowers were at our wedding! I couldn't have asked for better!"
Sarah managed to make my wedding even more beautiful than I imagined! I wanted a woodsy feel but my reception area was in the church hall which did not lend itself to a woodsy theme at all.  Sarah came in and created an amazingly rustic, chic design for the space which everyone raved about. She brought in trees, plants, candleabras and flowers to give the space a Tuscan estate feel. She also brought in amber lighting to accent the candle light on the tables and hanging from the trees. It was simply magical!
- Courtney
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